Who We Are and What We're About

The Urbane Renaissance Society is an artistic, academic, social and outreach organization established to increase the appreciation and support of creative and intellectual contributions of diverse ethnic communities. We recognize and celebrate all forms of art and academic thought including literary, fine arts, graphic arts, photography, dance, music, theater, science and technology. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, the Urbane Renaissance Society also empowers disadvantaged communities, businesses and people socially through our artistic and academic outreach programs.

Membership Overview(Chapters, Demographics, Dues)
Membership Privileges
Applying for Membership
Meeting Schedule

Membership Overview

Our organization is divided into five interests groups according to age. The chapters are as follows:

Wisdom    Ages 55 & above
Charisma    Ages 30 - 54
Progress  Ages 18-29
Truth Grades 9-12
Exploration Grades 6-8
Discovery Grades 3 -5


Membership demographics

Eighty percent (80%) of members in our adult reading groups range between ages 25 and 60. The remaining twenty percent (20%) range between ages 18 and 24. Approximately ninety percent (90%) of the members in our adult reading groups are college educated. They are highly motivated, well accomplished and involved in community outreach. They hold careers in a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, financial, business, and legal services.

Membership dues
We are a formal literary group. In addition to literary discussions, we host book signings for authors and creative literary events. Our meetings and other events are typically held at venues such as  restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops and book stores. Therefore, yearly membership dues are $80.00 per person are required.

The benefits of joining
The Sisters and Brothers Book Club offers a unique opportunity to expand your intellectual experience while:

Meeting Schedule
Each chapter of the Sisters and Brothers Book Club meets once per month. The meetings are typically held generally held on the last Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of each month. Special events are announced at least 1 month prior to the date of the event. 

How do I apply for membership
You may apply for membership to our book club in one of the following ways:

1. Complete an online applications online at http://www.sistersbrothers.com
2. Request an application by sending an e-mailing us at URRenaissance@gmail.com. 

For more information, contact us at (404)474-8771