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Is finding your soul mate among your list of New Year's resolutions? Are you just wondering if the one you're with is really Mr. 'Right' or Mr. 'Right Now'? Pick up a copy of I Love Him Lord But He's Not A Christian and let divine intervention provide answers to those tough questions. Be prepared to enjoy a comforting dose of spiritual inspiration and some practical, common sense advice on finding your soul mate. Written by attorney Latasha G. Hines, this fantistic book will help you to recognize the warning signs of toxic relationships and establish spiritually based standards for healthy, loving relationships. Read it before you go on your next date or head down the aisle. We recently sat down for coffee and delightful discussion with Latasha about 'I Love Him Lord But He's Not A Christian'.


S&B of HotLanta: What inspired you to write 'I Love Him Lord But He's Not a Christian'? Latasha Hines and Carla McManus talk
  Hines: I began writing I Love Him Lord But He’s Not a Christian as a single women and finished it after being married three years.  As I struggled through toxic relationships with unbelievers, I studied God’s Word and prayed for deliverance.  God was so merciful to deliver me and present me to a man of God who became my husband.  I knew that there were other single Christian women facing the same issues I faced in involvement with toxic relationships.  I wanted to share my process of deliverance from toxic relationship as a means of encouraging others.  This book is God response to my cry: “I love him Lord but he’s not a Christian.”

S&B of HotLanta: The idea among many single African American women is that there are not enough good, marriageable men within our ethnic group. Does 'I Love Him Lord But He's Not a Christian' address this issue?  
Hines: No, but it does help all women establish standards based on God’s Word for the type of men they will allow into their lives, forgoing the option of settling for less which brings inevitable heartbreak.

S&B of HotLanta: Do you intend for 'I Love Him Lord But He's Not a Christian' to reach readers outside of the African American racial boundary?
Hines: Absolutely, and it already has.  One of my first book signings was with a Christian bookstore that has a large Spanish-speaking clientele.  The store provided a translator for a successful evening discussion.  I Love Him Lord But He’s Not a Christian is based on Biblical principles.  God’s principles remain the same and apply equally to all human beings, without exception to race.

S&B of HotLanta: Are there any issues in your book that you can readily identify with?
Hines: I readily identify with women who must come into the understanding that they are precious gifts from God that can only be presented by God to a man of God.  In my early relationships I tried to give myself to men whom God had not chosen for me.  I wanted God to make an exception for the requirement that He be a true Christian.  When God spoke to me, “You are not yours to give”,  my life changed.  (See Chapter nine)  I trusted God to present me to His very best.  When my husband arrived, he didn’t have the degrees or the resources I thought he should have had but he loved God.  God can work with a man who loves Him.  Because of our love of God and efforts to serve Him, we have a blessed and prosperous life together.

S&B of HotLanta:Are there any topics discussed in 'I Love Him Lord But He's Not a Christian' that married women can benefit from?
 Hines: Married women in equally yoked unions will be reminded of the blessing of existing in a union ordained by God.  Further, they will understand how valuable they are to God and be encouraged to be mighty women of God, worthy of God’s very best.  For Christian married women whose husbands fall short of loving them as Christ loves the church, they will be encouraged to pray for their husbands so that they too can enjoy the benefit of the love God intended for them to have.
            Further, I Love Him Lord, But He’s Not a Christian empowers married women to assist single sisters with their relationship issues, rather than isolate themselves from the single woman’s struggles.  The information will help everyone empower friends and loved ones to ward off and get out of toxic relationships.  The book provides the tools to help married women remember the struggles of single women and hold fellow believers accountable for their relationships with God. 

S&B of HotLanta: Can 'I Love Him Lord But He's Not a Christian' be recommended as reading material for single and married men as well?
Hines: Although this book is addressed to unmarried Christian women, it is a message for unmarried Christian brothers as well.  Their cry is related: “I love her Lord but she’s not a Christian.”  Christian men face many of the same challenges created by toxic relationships.  The male ego convinces men that they have the power to change a woman.  Oftentimes, it is he who changes, all in the pursuit of a woman’s outer deceitful beauty.This book encourages Christian brothers to preserve themselves for the woman who fears the Lord and to prepare to be a mighty man of God who will love his wife as Christ loves the church. 
            Married men are reminded of the great responsibility they have as Christian husbands – sacrificially love their wives as Christ loves the church.  Married men will be encouraged to be mighty men of God, distinct from the world’s man.  They will be renewed in their commitment to a Godly marriage. 

S&B of HotLanta: Do you have any other literary projects on the horizon?
 Hines: Yes.  God has given me ideas for other non-fiction works regarding relationships, including I Love Him Lord Now Teach Me to Respect Him which addresses the issues Christian married women face with submission to Godly men and  I Love My Spouse Now Teach Me to Love My Stepchildren which addresses issues related to blended families.

S&B of HotLanta: Who were your greatest motivators and/or mentors in your effort to write 'I Love Him Lord But He's Not a Christian'?
  Hines: I told Travis, my husband, about the idea I had for the book when we were dating.  From the moment I told him, he embraced this project and has never let go.  God used him to create a plan that would allow me to work from home so that I could devote more time to finishing the manuscript.  He encouraged me throughout the process – pushing me to write when I didn’t want to, praying for me when doubt tried to prevent me from going the distance, and challenging me to write from the heart and God’s Word.

S&B of HotLanta: Who are some of your favorite authors?
Hines:Toni Morrison and A.W. Tozer, author of The Pursuit of God

S&B of HotLanta: Christian fiction is an increasingly popular genre of literature. Have you ever considered writing Christian fiction?
Hines: No, although I’m now starting to enjoy reading Christian fiction.  I believe that my gift is in writing non-fiction.


About the Author, Latasha G. Hines

Latasha G. Hines is a writer, motivational speaker, teacher of Bible
principles, lawyer and public servant.  

A native Miamian, Latasha G. Hines lives in South Florida with her
husband, Travis, a real estate investor and sales agent.  She has a
stepdaughter, Teylor.  Latasha is one of the leaders of Voices of Prayer
and Praise, a home-based women’s Bible study group that began in

In 1994, Latasha earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a
Minor in Speech Communication from the University of Florida where
she is a member of the Student Hall of Fame.  She earned a Juris Doctor
in 1997 from the University of Miami School of Law where she graduated
cum laude.  For six and a half years, she practiced commercial
litigation in private law firms in Miami, Florida,  representing large
corporations in business disputes.  

In 2004, Latasha left private practice to pursue her love of writing and
public speaking on Bible principles.  She continues to write and speak
on Bible principles, operate her own legal practice (specializing in
business and real estate consulting), and volunteer with civic and
professional organizations.

For more information about Latasha Hines and Jewel Publishers visit


For more information about Latasha Hines and Jewel Publishers visit