Denise Nicholas

Denise Nicholas is best known as the pioneering actress who starred in the TV series Room 222 and In the Heat of the Night (for which she also wrote several episodes), Let's Do It Again, Baby I'm Back, as well as a great many other TV shows and films. Her recent film credits include Proud 2004, and Ritual, 2000. Before her career as a TV star, Denise Nicholas worked with the Free Southern Theater in Mississippi in 1964, and in Freshwater Road she reaches back to bring that summer alive. 

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About Freshwater Road
Freshwater Road tells the story of 19-year-old Celeste Tyree, who in the summer of 1964 journeys to the small town of Pineyville, Mississippi, to help the organization One Man, One Vote register local “Negroes” to vote. Like Celeste, Ms. Nicholas also grew up in Detroit and attended the University of Michigan, and like her she took part in the movement; as a young member of the Free Southern Theater, she performed throughout the South, often in small churches, from 1964 to 1966. Drawing on this intensely personal foundation, as well as razorsharp skills for inhabiting characters and a gift for expressive prose, Ms. Nicholas’s new book is certain to be recognized as one of the best first novels of the year, and ultimately as one of the most important novels ever written about the civil rights movement.