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Our standard literary submission and review process

Advertising, Book Promotion, and Literary Event Planning

Media Escort Services


Tips for promotiong your book

Advertising, Book Promotion, and Literary Event Planning

Literary Celebrations and Event Planning
Our literary events are no run-of-the mill book signings. Instead, we are committed to planning one-of-a-kind literary celebrations that will have your reading fans buzzing gleefully about your book for years to come! Expect the unexpected at our memorable literary events. From the mailing of the first invitation to the final thank you note, we tailor every detail of our literary celebrations with you and your book in mind. Every detail reflects fun, style, and class.

Literary promotion and advertising
We offer creative, impactful, and cost-effective advertising services to help you gain maximum exposure for your book. From targeted marketing campaigns to word-of-mouth Our literary promotion and Internet marketing campaigns

If your objective is to reach larger audiences and stimulate reader interest in a short period of time then promoting your book online with Sister and Brothers of HotLanta Book Club is by far the most effective means of doing so. Learn more about our fast, effective, and hassle free way to have your book featured on our website in 24 hours.

We also offer a variety innovative advertising, literary promotion, literary event planning, and literary review services. Authors on tour in Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas will also enjoy our reliable media escort services. Learn more about these opportunities.

Writers who are interested in having their work featured on our website free of charge should follow our standard literary submission process.

Media Escort Services

Our professional media escorts ensure that authors arrive to media interviews, book signings, hotels, and other places that they may need to visit safe, comfortably, and on time. Our media escort services also include airport pickup. We know Metropolitan Atlanta! Our authors have no need to worry about travel or logistics when they are in our care.

Our standard literary submission and review process

Literary review services
Get honest opinions about your book from our panel of well read literary reviewers. Before your book is published assess how it will be received your reading audience. Or, if your book has already been published, uncover the hidden markets of readers by having our reviewers determine other markets that your book might appeal to.

Books and related materials submitted to the Sisters and Brothers of HotLanta Book Club
will be shared with the members of our organization during scheduled meetings.

Where should I send my literary submissions?
You should mail copies of your literature and media kits to:

The Sisters and Brothers of HotLanta 
1420 Chardin Drive
c/o Literary Submissions
Marietta, Georgia  30062

What happens if my book is selected for discussion ?
If your book is selected for discussion at the next scheduled meeting we will: 

  • Notify you in by writing or by phone that your book has been selected for discussion.
  • Offer  you an opportunity to visit our book club to discuss your book. 
  • List your book on our web site free of charge.
Must my book be selected for discussion before it receives a review?

Free book reviews are guaranteed for books that are selected for discussion by our reading group. We do offer a review program where books that are not selected for discussion are reviewed and critiqued for a very small fee. If you are interested in our paid literary review program visit

What if my book is not selected for discussion?
Unfortunately, because we receive a large number of literary submissions and our process is selective, we cannot guarantee that your book will be chosen for discussion or reviewed. If your book is not selected for discussion it will be placed in our private library and made available to members who wish to read it at leisure.

If my book is not selected for discussion or review will it be returned?
No. All literary submissions and accompanying material become the property of the Sisters and Brothers of HotLanta Book Club.

Note: Not having your book immediately selected for discussion by our book club does not mean that we are unwilling to help you promote it to other audiences. We offer all authors opportunities to gain more exposure, reach larger audiences, and stimulate reader interest rapidly. To take advantage of these opportunities, we encourage you to advertise on our web site, schedule an online chat, or schedule a book signing tour. Click for more information about these programs

Important Notices:
All books and accompanying material submitted to the Sisters and Brother of HotLanta Book Club become the property of the Sisters and Brothers of HotLanta Book Club and will not be returned.

The Sisters and Brothers of HotLanta Book Club reserves the right to decline the review of any book. Published reviews will not be rewritten. Questions ? Email

Tips for promoting your book

Stimulate reader interest and get maximum exposure!
Cyberchats, book signing tours, promotions, campaign programs and much more!

Wny promoting your book through our book club is important

Schedule a book tour or online cyberchat with us!

Submit your book to our book club for review!

Get your book fast and within 24 hours!
Order a 4 week On Our Bookshelf ad for a total cost of only $65.00
and your book will appear on our website within 24 hours of your order!
Fast, simple, inexpensive and hassle-free.

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More fantastic ways that we can help you promote your book
You may have your book listed on our website in several ways:
  1. Scheduling a book tour, online chat, or advertising with us
    (If your objective is to reach a larger audience and stimulate reader interest rapidly, then promoting your book through our book club is of utmost importance. We strongly recommend advertising, scheduling an online chat, or scheduling a book signing tour with us.)
    Click for more information about these programs

  2. Following our literary submission process
    Click for more information about our literary submission process

    Tips on sucessful literary promotion
    So you've written a book and now you want to promote it. Well, you're in luck and you've come to the right place! Below are some great tips to help you get your book into the hands of readers.
    • Create a web site for your book.
      Email our creative team at
    • Get to a book club meeting - yesterday! Contact book clubs to get the word out about your book! Book clubs are gaining influence in the literary community and are the keys to the success of your book. See the study on book clubs conducted by Roper ASW
    • If you are submitting your work to a book club for review, remember to be patient. Most book clubs meet on a monthly basis and will only select one book for discussion at the meetings. In addition, because of the increasing popularity of online book clubs, many of them receive at least (3) three to (4) four literary submissions, review books and media kits per week. Therefore, getting your book reviewed by the traditional literary submission process will take time.
    • Seek advertising and special promotions opportunities with book clubs. If your objective is to promote rapidly increase your book's exposure to large audiences. Inquire about high quality and reasonably priced advertising and promotions opportunities with us.
    • Remember the three most important words in Internet advertising are location, location, location! If you are advertising with online book clubs, make sure that these clubs have well established presences on the Internet and high quality web sites.

Why promoting your book through book clubs is important
According to a study conducted by Roper ASW

“Consumers say book clubs get the highest ratings for helping them decide what to read next. Book clubs also stimulate book purchases in stores and online as a result of consumers seeing book club literature; that includes consumers who aren't members of book clubs as well as those who belong to a book club. These are just two findings of a newly released study conducted by RoperASW.
Among the other Roper findings:

  • Club members and book buyers agree that book clubs are the best source for helping readers decide what books to read next.
  • Book club advertising stimulates interest in purchasing books in venues other than book clubs among both club members and heavy book buyers.
  • Over six in ten individuals have purchased any book in a store or online as a result of seeing a book club advertisement or monthly mailing. Almost two-thirds have gone shopping for any book
These findings are significant because they underscore the value book clubs bring to publishing

The Roper study was commissioned by Bookspan, a partnership between AOL Time Warner and Bertelsmann which operates over 45 book clubs.

Mel Parker, Bookspan Senior Vice President, Editorial Director. "
Book clubs are influential because each book offered has been pre-screened by editors in each book club to help consumers sort through the plethora of reading choices."”

Courtesy of Roper ASW